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If you are looking for a device to stabilize your power voltage, we have the solution

The power stabilizer device can compensate the voltage fluctuations and provide a voltage for your devices that is precisely defined for them. So, your electrical appliances will not burnout or get damaged due to voltage drop or increase.

Pornic is the only producer of the new generation of electronic stabilizer in Iran

Pornic is a designer and producer of power electronic devices and the main products of this company are all types of automatic transformers and stabilizers, DC motor drivers, switching power supplies, telemetry systems and other related electronic devices.

Pornic stabilizers are offered to the customers  according to the requirement and budget of the buyers, with the highest quality and the most suitable price. This claim is based on the feedback we have received from different customers.

We humbly request you to try this product in your centers and we assure you that you will be very pleased with the results of this product.

The reason for choosing us​

Customization: Pornic can customize any of its products according to your request. Customizing can be related to the fluctuation range of input power, compensation accuracy, color and appearance of the device and even product brand. Therefore, if you are in contact with the stabilizer market and want to work with them with your own brand, contact us

quality guarantee: Providing the product with a two-year repair warranty and global support

Voltage stabilizer Operation

Our inteligent voltage stabilizers are designed to operate with a nominal voltage in accordance with the International Norm IEC 60038. In addition to being able to keep the output voltage at a nominal value, this device compensates  the voltage fluctuations with a very fast time response

Load Variation

Our intelligent stabilizers are designed in such a way that they can work with any amount of load within the nominal power range and compensate the voltage fluctuations. Load Variation do not affect the compensation accuracy. The compensation time depends on the percentage of changes in the input voltage and the structure of the stabilizer


Our stabilizers are placed in a metal housing with RAL 7035 finish and IP21 protection class, and appropriate dimensions are assigned to them according to the nominal  power of the device. These stabilizers are cooled by air and with the help of a fan. The fans are not constantly working and they turn on automatically when the device gets hot

Electromechanical Voltage Stabilizers

Power range single phase up to 20 kVA

Power range three phase up to 60 kVA

Electromechanical stabilizers actually use a number of relays to keep the output voltage in the specified range so that the equipments connected to it do not work with a voltage outside the appropriate range. These types of stabilizers are more suitable for domestic, office and commercial use

Electronic voltage stabilizers (switching)

Power range single phase up to 30 kVA

Power range three phase up to 120 kVA

The new generation of voltage stabilizers, which is a knowledge-based product of Pornic Company, by precisely adjusting the voltage to the set number and not using coal or relays as voltage stabilizers, not only reduces depreciation to minimum, but It has also brought the accuracy to the highest possible level among all types of stabilizers available

But one of the most outstanding key capabilities of the Pornic stabilizer is the precise stabilization of the output voltage on the nominal size with an accuracy of ±1V

Factsheets available for download

Electromechanical Voltage Stabilizers

Download Factsheet1kVA-20kVASingle-phase

Electronic Voltage Stabilizers

Download Factsheet7kVA-30kVASingle-phase

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